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Municipal staff stage work freeze

As part of the protest, the federation has called for its members to attend a demonstration outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform, followed by a march to the central officers of the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration (SEEDD).

The employees are reacting to the intention of the government to carry out inspections of fixed-term contracts in the public sector that were later converted to indefinite contracts, arguing that the inspections are used as a cover to carry out dismissals.

The federation argues that the Ministry's intention is to deregulate the public sector in favor of private interests and privatize services. Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been adamant in going fourth with the evaluation plan, saying it is one of the country's obligation to its international lenders.

The highly contested plan has been in the epicenter of a political storm in Athens, with many mayors voted under the opposition Radical Left Coalition SYRIZA banner, led by Attica governor Rena Dourou, refusing to comply with the ministry's plan.