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Regulation for tax in arrears

Interested parties will have until March 2015 to come under the new regulation for money owed the state that foresees 100 installments for those owing up to 15,000 euros.

There is also provision for complete lifting of fines, while for those who choose installments be burdened with interest which will be calculated at the rate of 4.56%. The main points of regulation are as follows:
The regulation will cover proven arrears until October 1, 2014 (including income tax installments and the unexpired installments
of the ENFIA property tax)
When set to qualify main arrears natural or legal persons or legal entities to one million euros on request which can be made up to the last working day of March 2014
Borrowers must have submitted the statutory tax returns and
keep up current tax payment throughout the duration of the arrangement
The legislation provides for relief from surcharges which depends on the number of
-100% For
a lump sum payment
-90% If the debt
is paid in 12 installments
-80% If the debt
is paid in 24 installments
-70% If the debt
is paid in 36 installments
-60% If the debt
is paid in 48 installments
-50% If the debt
is paid in 60 installments
-30% If the debt
is paid in 72 installments
-20% If the debt
is paid in 100 installments
Legal regulation in 100 installments will only apply to those who have debts up to € 15,000.
The bill also foresees:
After obtaining the sett
lement fines for theTax Procedures Code and the Code of Public Revenues Collection will not be calculated. Of course,surcharges will be calculated at the rate of 4.56%
The minimum amount of the monthly adjustment
payment can not be less than 50 euros
It will be mandatory that the settlementincludes all invoiced and overdue taxes until October 1, 2014 that have not been settled in a lawful manner or through deferred payment facility, or other legislation for installment payment. Debtors amy opt to include dues attested up to October 1, 2014 at the time of application, that: a) are suspended, by administrative act or judicial order or b) have not matured or c) have a framework for partial payments or facility, already in effect.
Especially for those who
are under a settlement of the new authority (ie that offered 48 installments) the bill enables them, provided they comply with the terms of the arrangement, to enter the new settlement. The rate will be calculated retroactively from 1 January 2013 and will be eligible for discounts on the above increases.
Those who wish to remain in the sett
lement of the new authority will be given an additional 20% discount on the price increases due to interest and penalties which will apply retroactively from the date of their accession to the settlement.
Failure to
pay installments in time has the following consequences: a) loss of the benefits of the regulation, b) obligation to pay the balance of the debt, according to data acknowledged, with net surcharges, interest and penalties for late payment, which are revived, and c) immediate pursuit of the collection with all the provisions of the current legislative measures.