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German media doubts Greek "success story"

An article in today's Frankfurter Rundschau on social and economic developments in Greece, stresses the gap between the Greek PM and the Greek people.

The article mentions that “if Antonis Samaras is to believed, Greece is leaving the crisis behind it. (…) even the strict German finance minister WolfgangSchauble is speaking of a 'success story'. This, however, is seen by most Greeks as sheer mockery, as people are a paying a dear price for what Schauble calls “great progress.” The austerity program that Greece must follow at the behest of her creditors brought the country to the deepest and longest recession since the end of the war.”

The article mentions, among other things that the OECD sees Greek household incomes to have decreased by a third, with a quarter of the population facing poverty.

As the newspaper says there is a possibility that Greece will return to growth in the second half of this year, after 24 quarters of recession, however “the people are so far not seeing any of this,”as unemployment remains very high, especially among youth.

As the article notes “the OECD believes that unemployment will remain at these levels in 2015 despite growth. The labor Institute, that sides with unions, foresees unemployment of 20-22% remaining until 2020.” The article ends on the conclusion that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened becoming the greatest such inequality in Euroope.