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Another dismal record for Greek economy

A new EU Commission report called European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2014 shows Greece to be in the top spot in terms of layoffs after the crisis began.

Northern European countries, and especially Germany, show the greatest disposition towards hiring personnel. In contrast, Greece being first in unemployment also exhibits the least propensity to hire.

Germany has the largest percentage of open positions among EU members with 2.5%, followed by Finland, Austria, the UK, and Sweden. The Commission believes that a drop in vacant positions is a drop in entrepreneurial activity, while the high percentage of vacancies show improvement of the economy..

Greece is eighth from the bottom, and has the worst track record in terms of hiring the unemployed among EU members, since from among 1.2 million unemployed just 77,000 were hired.

As concerns hirings the top five are Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Germany.

Greece is also the country were hiring highly skilled personnel far exceeded hiring less skilled employees.

In absolute terms, meaning numbers hired, the jobs with the greatest vacancies filled are retail salespersons (3 million hired), hotel personnel (2.3 million hired), waiters (1.8 million), personal care staff (1.4 million hired), and construction workers (1.1 million hired).

European youth are mainly hired as waiters, office staff, health care professionals, cooks, and agricultural workers.