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"Only a third of civil servants, actually work"

"The economy has stabilized, but reforms must continue - whether the troika of lenders is present or not - because there is no sustainable growth without strong institutions,", Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis said yesterday during his address at a Harvard Business School Club of Greece event in Athens.

Emphasizing the need to reform public administration, Hardouvelis said the state cannot depend on 30 percent of those working in the public sector who do most of the work and get paid the same as the lazy staff. He also compared the Greek economy to a boat with two oars taking in water, and said the efforts of the last two years saved it from sinking; the government is repairing it and will turn it into a high-speed boat.
National Defense and former Development Minister Nikos Dendias, also addressed the event.  Dendias expressed his concern over the low volume of Greek exports and the near-zero contribution of innovation to the GDP. He noted however that if the existing program continues, 60 percent of required documentation for licensing will be discontinued in two to three months, under a joint decision of the ministers of Economy and Development.
Other speakers included former prime minister
Lucas Papademos, Economics Nobel Prize winner (2006) Edmund Phelps and others. Attendees included former prime minister Costas Simitis, Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the ambassadors of Germany, Great Britain and Holland, industrialists, politicians and academics.