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SYRIZA's Dragasakis rejects memorandums

SYRIZA does not recognize memorandums, said SYRIZA finance shadow minister Giannis Dragasakis, on Tuesday night, speaking at the Economist Conference, also making it clear that "the Troika will not tell us what to do," and essentially signaling that when forming a government, SYRIZA from the day after the elections, the Troika will not even come to Athens to complete the assessment of the Greek fiscal adjustment program.

Instead, Dragasakis stressed that SYRIZA will request an extension of their partners to present their own economic program.

At the same time, the statements of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble were on a completely different wavelength, who in a clear message stresses that "whoever wants help must accept the Troika."

However, Yannis Dragasakis "stole the show" at a debate on Economics with Gikas Hardouvelis and elections and left speechless the attending, mainly foreign, bankers and entrepreneurs- with what he had to say, either from the podium or on the sidelines of the Economist event.