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German investors see Grexit risk subsiding

German investors believe the probability of exit of Greece from the eurozone has subsided, said ZEW institute economist Michael Schroeder, presenting the index investor confidence in Germany as relayed by Bloomberg.

The outlook (for the German economy) remains vague on the intensity of the Ukrainian crisis and the "Collision Course" of the new Greek government says the announcement of ZEW president Clemens Fist.

For his part, Schroeder said that German investors are relatively optimistic about the issue of Greece: "It is a completely new situation, but the general view that Greece will leave the euro has fallen more or less," he said.

The index of expectations of German investors and analysts who prepare the ZEW, which aims to predict economic developments for the next six months increased to 53 points from 48.4 in January, the highest level of the year, boosted by the imminent launch the bond purchase program of the European Central Bank (ECB). Growth accelerated in late 2014 in Germany. With oil prices having plunged and the ECB ready to begin quantitative easing in March, investors remain optimistic.