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Greek Debt Strains Influence U.S. Stock Market

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American stocks opened with a downfall today, as financiers scrutinized European strains regarding Greece's current debt bid.

The Greek suggestion was swiftly dismissed by Germany, while U.S. oil costs dipped under $50 per barrel. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 17,929.77, marking a .56% (100.08 points) decrease, after five minutes of stock trade.  S&P 500 lessened to 2,090.93, marking a 8.75 or 0.42% decline. Nasdaq Composite dipped 0.11% or 5.60, resulting in 4,900.77.  

Today Germany rebuffed Greece's six-month EU loan extension demand. Eurozone Finance Minsters are planning to meet on Friday to discuss the request in Brussels.

(Source: AFP)