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Six reform proposals to the Eurogroup

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will hand over a folder with six proposed reforms to the Eurogroup on Monday. The Council will debate on the prioritization of these proposals and the country will be judged by the implementation of these reforms.


Speaking to Star TV late on Monday, Varoufakis underlined that Greece will be consistent in the payment of its debt to the IMF, adding that "we are on track to ensuring the funds for the four-month extension." He stressed that debt restructuring within the eurozone is the only solution and "by no means is the return to drachma a solution."

The Greek Finance minister said the government has succeeded in ensuring that no recession measures will be imposed in the next four months, adding that there was no agreement, however, on development measures, which will be the topic of the next negotiation. Referring to the privatisations, he stressed the importance of the participation of investors in Hellenic Railway Organisation (OSE), while he noted that "by no means will this apply to Public Power Corporation (PPC)."

Varoufakis dismissed rumours that technical staff of the institutions are coming to Athens and noted that the government is aiming at having an agreement with the partners before the end of the four-month extension period.

Regarding tax issues, he said that the government will not impose a special tax. According to him, the 23 percent VAT is "unacceptable" adding that "I want to see it gradually being reduced to 15 percent."