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German Study Reveals Greek Eurozone Exit Predictions

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German research group Sentix conducted a survey, where about 50% of investors feel that Greece will exit the eurozone within a year's time.

Its Greek eurozone breakup index soared to 48.3% this month, compared to 35.5% in March. In a statement, Sentix commented, "European politicians promises to pursue the scenario of Greece keeping the euro are not taken at face value by about half of all investors."

Sentix added, "In 2012 (European Central Bank President) Mario Draghi calmed down investors with his ultimate commitment to the euro. But is his pledge still valid for Greece today?"

In April, the total eurozone breakup index rose to 49.0%, compared to 36.8% the previous month, due to predictions that Greece would leave. The research body's analysis included 1,023 investors and was administered between April 23rd to the 25th.

(Source: Reuters)