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Twenty-year-old Greek, Philippos Tsanis, was murdered in Germany in brutal gang attack

Featured Twenty-year-old Greek, Philippos Tsanis, was murdered in Germany in brutal gang attack

20-year-old Philippos Tsanis wanted to celebrate with his little sister who was getting her high school diploma at the graduation ceremony on Saturday night. Unfortunately, the party ended in tragedy. A group of men beat the young man from Minden to death in a local park.

In the hospital where the young man of Greek origin was treated, he fought a great battle to stay alive as he was hospitalized with serious brain injuries. His family prayed for him for three days. Yesterday the treating doctors informed his family that the boy was brain dead.

"We can't believe that something like this happened to us," said Philip's father, Dimitris Tsanis, to BILD newspaper. "I can't believe he's gone," she added.

Deadly attack after prom

Philip was invited to the graduation dance of the Ratsgymnasium 3rd High School in Mieden, located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. High school graduates and their families celebrated Saturday at the Kaiserpalais. After graduation, Philip and his 19-year-old best friend, who is also his sister's classmate, visited a nearby park after midnight.

The two were probably going to a club, Adiamo Dance Club, where the graduation party continued, or wanted to walk on their way home.

20-year-old Philip and his friend got into an argument with a group of about ten youths in the park, according to police. The men repeatedly kicked and punched the two friends. One of the assailants is said to have persisted in furiously beating Philip. His friend was slightly injured.

According to Bild newspaper, police spokesman Lucas Recker said: "The victim was seriously injured in the attack which resulted in his death. His condition was irreversible, which is why he succumbed to his injuries."

Philip's family is stunned by the violence their son received: "I don't understand why people use violence as a hobby. I don't understand why people beat someone mercilessly, until he is injured so badly," his father told the German newspaper inconsolably.

Philip was a calm and compassionate young man, as his family members describe him. "He always defended others more than himself and always defended the weak" said Dimitris Tsanis. "Philippos was a music producer. He had his whole life ahead of him," he added.

He had recently acquired his own apartment and wanted to start training as a hotel manager. “He was just the best son... The violence must finally stop. This can happen to any child and no father or mother should have to experience this."

The Bielefeld Police Department has launched a manhunt to identify the perpetrators.

After Philip's death, the public prosecutor's office opened a manslaughter investigation. Police are looking for the main suspect, who is described as having a moustache, 1.76 meters tall and wearing an orange Adidas jacket. The prosecutor's office appeals to the perpetrators to surrender, the German publication adds.