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Greek exports rose in January; kiwis to break record

Featured Greek exports rose in January; kiwis to break record

Greek exports remained on an upward trend in January, extending last year’s course which led them to new historic records, offering encouraging signs for the outlook of exports in 2020, along with a 9.8 pct decline in the trade deficit in the first month of the year. However, fears over the range of consequences from a fast-spreading coronavirus on the global economy and problems likely to raise to Greek enterprises are source of serious concern.

"Once again Greek exports proved they are a main growth tool of the Greek economy, contributing largely in the rise of GDP and employment. However, a fast-spreading coronavirus in international markets, particularly in Italy - the number one export destination for Greek products - is raising concern. Greek exporters are calmly monitoring developments and remain alerted to deal with any possible problems. In any case, if necessary the state should include export companies to the support measures it promotes for Greek companies current hit by the impact of coronavirus," Christina Sakellaridi, head of the Panhellenic Exporters Association said in an announcement.

Exports to the EU and third countries grew in January (10.1 pct and 18.4 pct, respectively), while excluding oil products, exports to the EU rose 11.4 pct and to third countries rose 8.1 pct.
Oils (43.8 pct) machinery (17.5 pct), oil products (16.5 pct), food/livestock (15.1 pct) and chemicals (12.5 pct) recorded the biggest percentage growth rates in January, while Raw Materials (2.2 pct) and Alcohol/tobacco (1.7 pct) fell compared with the same month last year.

Kiwi exports

Greece is on the road to break a new export record in kiwis, Incofruit-Hellas said in a report released on Monday. Kiwi exports totaled 138,368 tons (based on export figures by Friday 6 March), from 101,283 tons in the same period last year, "with all evidence showing that this year's period will set a new record both in quality and value."

Incofruit-Hellas said that exports of mushrooms grew 16.4 pct totaling 111,165 tons so far, up from 95,480 tons in 2019, while exports of tomato and strawberry also rose substantially to 10,284 tons (from 9,812 in 2019) and 8,318 (from 5,490 in 2019), respectively in the period from October 1, 2019 to March 6, 2020. The report also showed that exports of oranges, lemons, cuccumbers and apples were up so far.