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Orfium acquires the Japanese company Breaker INC

Featured Orfium acquires the Japanese company Breaker INC

Orfium has acquired Tokyo-based Breaker INC, a Tokyo-based promotional, marketing and content creation company. Breaker will be renamed Orfium Japan and will operate a series of partnerships in the world's second largest market for the music industry, in the fields of music, gaming, entertainment and anime, with the wide range of products of the award-winning technology company Orfium.

Orfium is an innovative start-up company that develops innovative technology solutions for the music and entertainment industry (record companies, music publishers, collective management organizations, film companies, copyright holders). Orfium's products reinvent the way technology detects, analyzes and records the use of audiovisual catalogs for transparent and effective copyright management, always "delivering the true value of content" for the benefit of creators and proprietors.

Following a flexible business model, with offices in Los Angeles, London and Athens, where the R&D department is based with 180 people, Orfium contributes significantly to the protection of copyright and the maximization of revenue from their use in various digital platforms. Always, in order to strengthen rights holders, artists, creators and related organizations around the world.

Breaker was founded in 2013 by Alan Swarts, former MTV / Viacom Vice President in Japan, and John Possman, co-founder of DFR Asia. Starting as one of the first YouTube companies to specialize in Japan, Breaker has developed a global influencer network, created high-value original content (including YouTube FanFest Japan and a YouTube Originals movie), and managed social media accounts and entertainment media companies. Breaker's board of directors includes the legendary Shigeo Maruyama, former CEO of Sony Music Japan and former President of Sony Computer Networks.

Alan Swarts, CEO of Breaker, said: “Whether it's influencer marketing or social media management and content production, Breaker's mission has always been to serve copyright creators and rights holders. Breaker is excited to continue this mission and expand its capabilities by bringing Orfium's world-class rights management technology to the Japanese market. "We expect Orfium's technology to provide significant revenue increases for Japanese copyright and copyright holders, as Orfium already does for its worldwide partners."

Rob Wells, CEO of Orfium, said: “I'm delighted to be bringing Alan and his team to Orfium. He has done an amazing job with Breaker and we look forward to stepping up his future efforts with our technology. Japan is the second largest music market in the world with local uniqueness and incredible domestic talent and content. We also look forward to working with music companies, studios and local artists to bring even more value to the digital ecosystem. "

Orfium's Technology Director, Michalis Petyhakis, underlined: “We are excited about this great development for Orfium and its expansion into Japan. We consider this agreement of paramount importance, as it marks the expansion of a start-up with Greek roots in the Asian market. "This agreement also strengthens the Greek start-up ecosystem, as it highlights its strengths and capabilities for international development."

Orfium has been distinguished with the first "Start-up of the Year" Award of Elevate Greece for its technological products and solutions. It is an employee-owned company that offers equity to all employees.