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Posidonia 2022 highlights marine startup techs

Featured Posidonia 2022 highlights marine startup techs

A significant number of startups from around the world, specializing in technological solutions for the shipping industry, will present their products and platforms during the Poseidonia 2022 Exhibition to be held at the Athens Metropolitan Expo from 6 until June 10.

Online markets designed to bridge the gap between shipping service providers and shipowners & managers, as well as developers of innovative solutions that will help the industry achieve its carbon emissions targets and address almost any problem it faces will be on display at the world's most important shipping event to showcase the latest technological developments in the industry.
"Innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies will transform shipping, and will be widely presented this June as the road to the digitization of the shipping industry is underway, in a market that experts estimate will be worth 345 billion dollars by 2030," said Theodoros Vokos, Managing Director of Posidonia SA Exhibitions.

Market conditions, such as increased profitability in the container and dry cargo sectors, combined with increasing regulatory and social pressures to reduce carbon emissions, are driving the interest of shipowners and shipping companies to rapidly adopt new technologies that improve competitiveness and fuel efficiency.

Large number of nautical tech firms

Bid2board is one of the solutions that will be presented at Posidonia 2022. Utilizing the power of data management, this startup helps shipping companies to enjoy fast, simple and organized maintenance services, while service providers gain increased visibility and improved flow. from the receipt of the request to the execution of the service.

"The automated process and the data provided during the bidding process allow our customers to have information about the competition and improve their bids, while reducing the time they spend on arranging services in a transparent and controlled manner," said Andreas. -Minos Zompanakis, CEO of Bid2board. "Posidonia is a great place to present our technology to a targeted and influential audience from the global shipping community," he concluded.

At Poseidonia 2022, another digital pioneer, Norwegian firm Dualog, is preparing to present its solutions in order to bring ships closer to shore. Starting with the first shipping application for Arctic fishing vessels, Dualog continues to develop more and more new innovations at sea. "Our customers want to integrate the interconnected vessel into their business strategy," said Silje Moan's CCO, adding that with more than 5,000 vessels in our customer portfolio, we intend to use our presence in Posidonia to further strengthen our reputation as the creator of targeted email, data transfer, Internet management and cybersecurity solutions for the shipping industry. "

Shipping 4.0 is the motto of KeeIX, another exhibitor at Posidonia 2022, where it plans to offer free sampling to exhibitors after scheduled appointments. The independent shipping technology group came from the Lemissoler Group in 2020, in an effort to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by the shipping industry.

"Our products are designed for use both on land and at sea, with particular emphasis on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in SaaS (Software as a Service), fleet performance monitoring tools, and on-demand crew training, and robotics. "Our products are in line with the Decade of Action plan for the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is about to transform the world," said Aristos Filis, CEO of KeeIX.

Sustainability has long been on the maritime community's radar, driven by the desire to reduce the industry's carbon footprint, and digital technologies can play a key role in supporting the International Advocacy's upcoming landmark deadlines ( IMO).

Shipping Emission Reduction is at the heart of another Exhibitor at Posidonia 2022, ChordX, which develops and provides innovative solutions that help shipowners and shipping companies achieve their industry goal of getting rid of carbon emissions. The Singapore-based startup focuses on developing solutions that meet regulatory compliance reporting needs, such as IMO DCS, EU MRV, CII, EEOI and AER.

"As a key supporter of innovation and collaboration, we are constantly looking for ways we can help our customers achieve their goal of sustainable shipping," said Hong Tin Wei, head of Partnerships & Finance at ChordX. "Shipping is one of the oldest and most influential industries and Posidonia is the home of the Greek shipping community, which carries a heritage as large as the shipping industry itself, so we believe that our presence there will contribute to bridging the gap between the past and the future of the industry."

The ever-growing list of tech startups participating in this year's Posidonia includes Nereus Digital Bunkers, a Greek shipping brokerage and fuel technology company that has developed a ship-based fuel supply software with built-in statistical analysis. in all its breadth. The platform provides real-time port information and fuel price indications in a clear and concise manner. The software provides solutions using sophisticated statistical analysis, oil price forecasting and future ship fuel curves that meet and exceed industry needs across the spectrum, from marine fuel suppliers to buyers.

The founder of the company, Nikolas Gikas, believes that the demand for green shipping solutions will increase: "The digital processing of ship consumption data will be the basis for carbon emissions. We are following all the new regulations and trying to simplify the reporting procedures, while we are considering how we will work with large companies that manufacture and monitor main engines, so that their data can be entered directly into the refueling department of each shipping company.

Another emerging company is MESPAS, a Swiss IT and engineering company. The technical ship management software developed by the company allows the shipping industry to operate its ships safely and efficiently, leading to better performance, reduced costs and lower emissions. The MESPAS e-commerce platform allows ships, management offices and suppliers to place and receive digital offers, orders and invoices.

MESPAS is the only company in the shipping industry whose products are delivered in cloud-based software, with a unique library of millions of types of machines, spare parts and documents, all of which are readily available to customers to improve their business processes.

MESPAS recently opened offices in Athens and Iraklis Tarlas, Area Manager for Greece, commented on their participation in Posidonia: "We will present a new application for mobile devices for preventive and corrective maintenance, a new Instant Buy product, as well as other new software options. We will also present our new subsidiary MESPAS Greece as a key hub of activities in Greece and beyond, and we aim to show the shipping community the true benefits of our smart data and unique cloud-based software solutions for shipowners and managers.

Among the many technology startups that will be present in Poseidonia 2022 are Opsealog, a French company that specializes in performance management, SOL-X, a leading Behavioral Based Safety company that started in California and is now headquartered in California. Singapore, the Harbor Lab set up in March 2020 in Athens to provide software to disbursement departments for shipowners, management companies and charterers, and TICTAC Recovery, the first Data Recovery Company in Greece, operating since 1999 and which has proved to be a lifesaver for many companies since then.

The Posidonia Exhibition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the Hellenic Shipowners Association and the Maritime Chamber of Greece with the support of the Municipality of Piraeus and the Hellenic Committee for Maritime Cooperation.