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Posidonia 2022: The program of conferences and seminars of the Exhibition

Featured Posidonia 2022: The program of conferences and seminars of the Exhibition

After a four-year pause due to the pandemic, Posidonia returns to its traditional, physical form and the organizers present the program of Conferences and Seminars, which will deepen the critical issues faced by the international shipping community.

The impact of the explosive rise in energy prices, supply chain problems and the forthcoming new environmental regulations is intensifying pressure on shipowners and shipping companies to ensure profitability, capital value and efficient management of 90% of world trade.

"The participation of distinguished speakers and the rich content of this year's program, with inspiring keynote speeches, thought-provoking discussions, dynamic presentations, seminars and workshops, is designed to mobilize the entrepreneurial spirit of the international shipping community in its quest for success. in this time full of economic and geopolitical challenges ", said Theodoros Vokos, Managing Director of Posidonia SA Exhibitions, organizers of the Exhibition that will take place from 6 to 10 June at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

TradeWinds Shipowners Forum: "Seize the moment in the Energy Transition"

The TradeWinds Shipowners Forum will open the conference program with an interesting discussion on managing the current carbon emission challenge. On the topic of "Seize the Moment in the Energy Transition", the TradeWinds Forum will host three powerful discussions and offer networking opportunities between executives and industry leaders.

Some of the top names from the global shipping arena have already been confirmed as speakers at the Forum, among them Evangelos M. Marinakis, Capital Maritime & Trading Corp., Haris Vafeias, Stealth Maritime Corp, Angeliki Frangou, Navios Maritime Corporation , Νίκος Τσάκος, Tsakos Energy Navigation, John Michael Radziwill, C Transport Maritime, Alex Hatzipateras, Dorian LPG, Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS etc.

BIMCO: Aiming to get rid of carbon emissions

The importance of carbon offsets on the shipowners 'agenda will also be reflected in the panel organized by BIMCO, the largest shipowners' representative body. Leading industry experts will share know-how, expectations and strategies for getting rid of shipping from carbon dioxide emissions and will examine whether the industry is taking the appropriate steps to meet IMO targets and the wider global emission exemption challenge.

"We are excited to be able to meet industry, members and friends again in Posidonia, exchanging knowledge and strategies as we work together to eliminate coal from our industry," said David Loosley, General Manager & CEO BIMCO Consultant.

3rd Trading in US Waters Seminar: "Towards a Shipping Industry Without Carbon Emissions by 2050"

The energy transition also gives the title of the 3rd Trading in US Waters Seminar. Entitled "Towards a Shipping-Free Shipping Industry by 2050", the seminar is expected to attract a strong audience of shipowners and shipping experts. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the shipping and marine services industry, staying informed of the latest trends and developments in the US. and will hear views on the opportunities and challenges that the future holds.

Seatrade Maritime: "Digitization has been demystified" - "Carving the future of seafaring"

"Digitalisation Demystified" and "All hands on Deck: Shaping the future of Seafaring" are the titles of the two topics in the opening session of the Seatrade Maritime, in collaboration with the Global Maritime Club. The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, will be the keynote speaker at the event, scheduled for June 9th. Among the confirmed speakers are Ben Palmer OBE of Inmarsat Marine, Sean Fernback of Wartsila Voyage, Mike Konstantinidis of METIS Cyberspace Technology, Henrik Jensen of Danica Maritime Services GmbH, Despina Panagiotou Theodosiou of WISTA, Mark O'Neman of Colagement InterManager, Giannis Platsidakis of Intercargo and Peter Schellenberg of Thome Group.

Chris Hayman, Honorary President of Seatrade, said: “The presence of such distinguished speakers reflects the important issues we want to address, both in panel discussions as well as with the input of the public. "Posidonia is a world-renowned platform through which we can achieve this and we look forward to seeing friends and colleagues up close again this June."

Capital Link Forum: The challenges of the industry

Leaders of the Greek shipping industry and Greek government officials will exchange knowledge and views on critical issues in a series of discussions during the Capital Link Forum on June 6th. The Forum will cover a wide range of issues affecting the industry, such as supply and demand challenges, LNG / LPG, green shipping, digitization and, as always, funding and access difficulties.

Nikos Bornozis, President of Capital Link Inc, said: “Our Forum brings together executives from public and private shipping companies, investors, analysts, financiers and other industry participants from around the world visiting Athens for the Posidonia exhibition.

HELMEPA: Sustainable Shipping

The HELMEPA Conference will focus on Sustainable Shipping with a lively discussion of three generations of distinguished Greek shipowners and industry leaders from the international community, who will share their thoughts on the key challenges facing the industry as it progresses in the future and how it is shipping has evolved in recent decades. The event will take place on June 8, a day designated by the UN as World Oceans Day.

"Our conference will bring together leaders in the shipping industry, policy makers, social partners, academics, regulators and civil society to discuss, exchange and share knowledge and know-how about Sustainable Shipping, inspiring collective in order to save the seas ", said Olga Stavropoulou, General Manager of HELMEPA.

Interactive SHARK TANK event

During the interactive SHARK TANK event, young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their ideas for innovative technologies that promote the shipping industry to an audience of shipowners and potential investors, who using virtual funds will determine whether to "invest" in the presented technologies. The form of the event provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas and receive immediate feedback on them from the industry. At the same time, it provides the industry with a "first look" and information on the latest technology, offering significant added value to all participants.

"We are bringing the hugely successful SHARK TANK to the global market for the first time," said SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer Carleen Lyden Walker. "In the five years that we have been conducting SHARK TANK, 80% of the participating entrepreneurs have been selected for investment or tested in the shipping industry," she added.

WISTA HELLAS "Women at sea"

The WISTA HELLAS event "Women at Sea", entitled "How close are we to gender diversity at sea?", Seeks to identify the reasons behind the limited number of women sailors on board and to explore whether we need more effective ways of promoting women's maritime careers, through a discussion between women seafarers and the shipping industry.

Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA Hellas, said: “According to the latest BIMCO / ICS 2021 Maritime Workforce Report, women represent just 1.28% of the global naval workforce. Although there is a 45.8% increase in the number of female seafarers compared to 2015, statistics underline that women are largely under-represented as professional seafarers. "This is an important issue that needs to be addressed."

YES to Shipping Forum: Looking at young people

This year's edition of the YES to Shipping Forum will offer students, graduates and young shipping executives the opportunity to meet and interact with Posidonia 2022 exhibitors, as well as attend a discussion on career opportunities in the shipping industry.

Danae Bezandakou, Founder of Concept, said: “We are honored to host the YES to Shipping Forum in Posidonia since 2016. We are pleased to invite the shipping community to Youth Day this important national and international shipping exhibition. international level. It is no exaggeration to say that the YES to Shipping Forum in Posidonia was the catalyst that brought the younger generation closer to the industry ".