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Greek Fin. Min. presents new bill today

Featured Greek Fin. Min. presents new bill today

The new economic bill of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance is announced at noon and is put up for consultation, with the aim of being voted on before the closing of the Parliament for the summer holidays.

The relevant announcements on the content of the bill will be made at 13:00 by the Minister of Finance Kostis Hatzidakis and will include all the pre-election commitments of New Democracy.

According to information cited by state news agency amna.gr, the bill will include measures including the Market Pass and the Youth Pass from September for those who turn 18.

At the same time, the package will include the doubling of the "My Home" amount, the breath for pensioners who continue to work and will immediately see their pensionable earnings increase by the same amount as the 30% they currently lose because they work even one day.

Indicatively, the main measures that will be included are:

Market Pass: Extension of the measure for three more months (August, September and October) with the aim of limiting the negative consequences of continued precision.
Youth Pass: In September, the youth pass will be granted for the first time to those who turn 18 this year. A bonus of 150 euros will be credited to their digital wallet or bank account.
Tax-free increase: The increase of the tax-free limit by 1,000 euros for employees, pensioners and farmers with children will be implemented from January 1, 2024.
Penalty on pensions: The "penalty" deduction of 30% of pensionable earnings for working pensioners is expected to be abolished immediately and replaced by a graduated levy on working earnings.
Salary increases in the public sector: Establishment of a new salary scale for civil servants with substantial increases in family and position of responsibility allowances and the entry salary of a civil servant with compulsory education to be increased from 780 euros today to around 840 euros.
ENFIA real estate tax reduction: It is reduced by 10% in 2024 for those who have insured or will insure their homes by the end of the year.