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Finance minister sends three strong messages to the market

Featured Finance minister sends three strong messages to the market

Νational Economy and Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis on Thursday sent three strong messages of intensive market inspections, of decisive moves to combat fuel smuggling and of no more delays in installing POS terminals throughout the market.

Speaking in Parliament, Hatzidakis said that the inspection mechanism will focus on combatting tax evasion by the "biggest fish" in the market. "From now on, we will focus on inspections and we want these inspections to be fast, using indirect inspection techniques which are enhanced and expanded to focus on big tax evasion cases - companies that go on for years while reporting losses. I want this message to be received: we are a large popular party looking in all directions as regards tax evasion," he noted.

 Hatzidakis also sent a strong message on fuel smuggling: "The government and I personally are determined to tackle this issue with the necessary severity and objectivity," he said, adding that there will no further delays in the installation of POS terminals throughout the market.
 The minister expressed his confidence that, despite reactions, this major tax reform will prove to be a reform for social justice. The measures included in the draft legislation (VAT, taxation of the self-employed, short-term leases, smuggling and property transactions) will bring in around 3 billion euros in revenues by 2027, while he stressed that this extra revenue will be used to fund health and education programmes.