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EU Finance Ministers' Tuesday Meeting, Athens

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Tomorrow, European Finance Minsters will make a final decision on the pace and figure of Greece's next aid disbursements, as stated by Dutch Finance Minster Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

The nation has a May deadline to repay 12.5 billion euros of governmental capital, which requires an additional financial supplement. The Hellenic state has been plagued by consistent delays in obtaining a 130 billion-euro second package, since December. The Finance Minister explained that he is relaxed about the Greek strain on the euro, "Financial markets meanwhile understand that the euro can't go down the drain even if Greece is having problems".

Finance Minister Dijsselbloem clarified, "The speed of disbursements will be adjusted to the needs, but we will decide Tuesday". He predicted over 8 billion dollars worth of aid will be granted to Greece. The collective Finance Ministers will converse about current issues and not plan a third bailout package during tomorrow's meeting. Officials will also discusses Cypriot economic conditions, concerning aid package(s). Dijsselbloem stated the island is "performing a bit better". While its government has: "...complied with all the agreements made in the year behind us...They deserve our support."

The Dutch Financial Minister explained, "Greece is now working on returning to the capital market; they want to do that this year...This will of course be careful, with limited amounts, but it is important to wait for that and see how it goes." To earn the next expenditure, the nation had to pass legislation implementing a plethora of economic reforms. Earlier today, the bill was authorized. Three governing coalition legislators didn't vote for the bill's entirety, such as former Prime Minister George Papandreou.