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German Finance Minister Remarks on Greek Progress

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Today, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble remarked on the significance of showing respect for "what is being endured" by Greece.

His comments are in regards to practically four years of austerity efforts. However, Schaeuble underlined that the nation's challenges are a result of decades of flaws, that are in no part related to the European Union or Germany.

The German Finance Minister stated to ARD public television, "Greece has made great progress...If Greeks continue on this road, there are serious possibilities that they will succeed". He also recommended that the state shouldn't be directed by irresponsible governmental heads, but did not offer any specifics.

Schaeuble also highlighted the tourism boost felt by Greece, and its importance for the state to further thrive. When quizzed on a third loan package offering to the Hellenic state, the German Minister replied, "I don't know...For the time being, the Greek government says that it can make it alone and that it can secure access to the markets".