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Piraeus Bank's Prosperous Capital Increase Strategy

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Today, Piraeus Bank confirmed its successful finalization of a share capital increase strategy.

The plan raised an international offer issue and 1,749,999,998 public tender euros.

The financial institution stated it had distributed 1,029,411,764 brand new average nominal voting shares at a rate of 0.30 euros, with a 1.70 euro offer cost. The shares were granted by a public tender to Greek investors and via an international investor book-building technique. 102,941,176 (10%) new shares were extended through a public tender; the 926,470,588 (90%) remaining shares were offered to global investors.

Piraeus Bank declared that after finalization of the share capital increase strategy, its equity capital amounted to 6,101,979,715 common nominal shares, that equaled 2,580,593,913 euros.