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Predicted Greek & German MoU

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A memorandum of understanding, signed between Greece and Germany is expected today.

The document's focus is on growth development of a Greek investment fund. The MoU will be ratified between Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to German newspaper Handelsbatt, the investment fund will be mirrored after Germany's state-owned KfW lender, and will assist the liquidity of small and medium-sized companies.  It will be facilitated by low interest rate loans. Additionally, the article stated that the two nations would each offer 100 million euros to the new strategy.

These investment fund arrangements have been worked on for a period of time. France, the European Investment Bank and the European Union are also predicted to financially contribute to the plan; Germany will work independently. However, German funds transferring from the nation through KfW must be confirmed by its 2014 state budget's scheduled July debate.