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Eurobank Declares Capital Growth Confidence

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Yesterday, Eurobank Chief Executive Christos Megalou declared his confidence, that the financial institution's capital growth will be strongly finalized in the near future.

The Chief Executive administered a letter to the bank's employees. Megalou penned: "The completion of the increase will not be the end of a cycle, but the start of a new one, with optimism and positive prospects from a privileged position for the full fruition of the job we are all offering. Eurobank will enjoy the highest Core Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio in the Greek banking system and the second-lowest ratio of loans to deposits, allowing for more maneuvering in lending".

Additionally, yesterday Bloomberg reported that National Bank plans to offer senior bonds, after the government's recent capital markets return. The purchase will occur after next week's London seminar and investor calls, according to a individual experienced in the issue, as reported by Kathimerini.