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Finance Ministry Predicts Budget Figures & Unemployment Rates

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In 2014, Greece is predicted to acquire better budget figures than expected, yet unemployment rates will decline gradually within four years, as reported by the Finance Ministry yesterday.

The Ministry foresees a 2.3% primary budget surplus, after interest payments and debt deductions. An expected 5.3% primary surplus should evolve in 2018.

Gaining a primary surplus has been the main goal of the last four years of austerity measures. Deputy Finance Minister Christos Staikouras described, "Greece is entering a period of stability after many difficult years for businesses and households, and this was accomplished after great sacrifices...The country has safeguarded its place in Europe and regained international credibility. We have met and surpassed our program targets".

Yesterday's statistics were reported within an edited 2015-2018 budget plan, that has made its way to Parliament. Greece's financial strides are predicted to grow at a slow and progressional pace, as bouncing back from recent years of financial turmoil will take time to develop. The Ministry forecasts that unemployment rates will decrease by 20% in 2016, and by 15.9% in 2020.