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IMF Plans Greek Program Meeting

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The International Monetary Fund's managing board plans to meet in the upcoming weeks, under the Greek program's 5th assessment framework, as IMF spokesman Gerry Rice confirmed today.

As reported by ANA, Rice highlighted the urgency of political stability in Greece.  During a daily news briefing, the IMF spokesman restated the organization's unaltered stance on Greek debt and its prediction that public deficit will stay at high levels. If Greece abides by its required commitments, EU partners are willing to restructure the nation's debt if needed. Rice added that a Greek debt discussion will start in the last six months of 2014, by the EU.

The IMF agent stated that a technical group will visit Athens mid-summer. A full IMF mission will follow sometime after the summer; a date has yet to be determined. Regarding the upcoming Greek elections, Gerry Rice commented,"...in the Greek program, as in any other program, political stability was an important issue".