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The Hellenic Initiative Announces Food Grant

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Yesterday in Athens, The Hellenic Initiative announced a new grant to SOS Children's Villages-Greece.

The $300.00 monthly allocation will offer food for one year to 450 families, in Athens, Kalamata, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis, in addition to 26 families residing in SOS Children's Villages. The organization collaborated with various non-profits, that assist families severely affected by Greece's financial crisis. Chosen families were approved through a daily needs assessment.

In Athens and Thessaloniki, 350 families will now gain access to Marinopoulos SA groceries. 100 Kalamata and Alexandroupolis families will receive food items by local grocery stores, while 26 SOS Children's Villages and the SOS Eliza Hostel families, will secure food benefits derived from food manufacturers. Additionally, Athens Child and Family Support Center's participating 80 families, will gain free therapy and counseling.

THI's Program Director Michael Printzos described the initiative on its website: "THI is proud to be supporting SOS Children's Villages in Greece for a second year. The success of our first program was the catalyst for scaling up and reaching out to even greater numbers of families in need during 2014. This grant is possible due to the generosity of the global Greek community who contributed to the holiday fundraising drive at onegreece.org. Together we are showing that every dollar, well spent, can make a huge difference for families in need".

SOS Children's Villages General Director Giorgos Protopapas further commented, "We are proud to work with The Hellenic Initiative to stand up for families impacted by the ongoing crisis. THI has committed more than just funding – they are a true partner to our mission. THI is helping us increase our impact through partnerships with other leading nonprofits and Greek businesses. We deeply appreciate the ongoing support of the Greek diaspora worldwide".

The Hellenic Initiative is an international, nonprofit, secular organization. Its mission is to mobilize the diaspora and philhellene community to invest in Greece's future, through programs focused on entrepreneurship, crisis aid and economic development.