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Twelve New Greek Energy Investments Announced

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Today, Hellenic heads announced the inclusion of twelve energy investments, at 7 billion euros, regarding fast track legislation methods for strategic assets.

An inter-ministerial commission meeting decided on the act, that was held under the reign of Development and Competitiveness Minister Costis Hatzidakis. According to ANA-MPA, Hatzidakis confirmed that the decision showcased the nation's capacity to entice investments.

Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Yiannis Maniatis recommend the twelve energy investments. He claimed that 17,000 new work positions will result from the investment implementation.

The projects include:

Electricity Energy

-NSI East Electricity (interconnections of electricity energy North-South in centraleast and southeast Europe).
1. Interconnection Israel-Cyprus-Greece between Hadera (Israel) and Attica, known as Euro-Asia-Interconnector.
2. Interconnection between Maritsa East 1 (Bulgaria) and Nea Santa (Greece).
3. Hydro-pumped storage in Amphilohia.

Natural Gas

4. IGB Interconnector pipeline Greece-Bulgaria (Komotini-Stara Zagora)
5. Terminal (permanent reverse flow) at the Greek-Bulgarian borders (Sidirokastro and Kula).
6. Floating storage and processing terminal of LNG in Alexandroupoli.
7. Floating storage and processing terminal Aegean LNG import terminal.
8. Storage facility in Kavala.
9. TAP pipepline.
10. ITGI pipeline.
11. Natural gas pipeline from Cyprus to Greece (through Crete).
12. Natural gas compression terminal in Kipi, Evros.