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Tsipras & ECB Chief Discuss Crisis

Alexis Tsipras met Draghi and discussed the political situation in Greece, as well as SYRIZA's alternative agenda for a final solution to the Greek crisis.


"Today, we had the chance to present to the ECB president our appraisal of the path the Greek economy is following, but also to brief him of the unprecedented situation the Greek society is faced with, following four years of harsh political austerity dictated by the memorandum [Greece's bailout terms agreement], which has led a great part of the Greek population to an unprecedented and unacceptable humanitarian crisis", said Tsipras. 

He also informed the head of the euro currency central bank that the extensive monetary easing measures the latter announced last week might be positive for Europe but nevertheless they are insufficient and will not be effective, particularly in Greece. 

SYRIZA's leader also explained to Draghi, that the only way Europe can leave its economic deadlock behind it in a coordinated way, is through "brave political decisions in the direction of a new European 'New Deal'". Tsipras maintains, that a "restart agreement" in the European Council, which would combine actions of the ECB and the European Investment Bank (EIB), would provide a powerful development boost to the EU oriented towards productive investment. 

Tsipras also told Draghi that a relief of the greatest part of the Greek public debt, with a "growth clause", is a prerequisite for restoring growth prospects in Greece and "evading the economic crisis vortex".