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Wage & Pension Cuts Parliamentary Controversy

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Five of Greece's conservative lawmakers have stated their intentions to vote against a pension decrease and wage reversal amendment, concerning Hellenic judges.

Today, New Democracy MPs Ilias Vlachoyiannis, Iordanis Tzamtzis, Theodoros Soldatos, Dimitrios Kyriazidis, Pavlos Vogiatzis and Dimitrios Kyriazidis offered a collaborative statement, that claimed they will only support the act if security and military workers also have wage reductions reversals.

Yesterday, the Finance Ministry presented an amendment to Parliament that ceased judge's pensions and wages reductions, that troika demanded in 2012. On Monday, the law system determined that the post factum cuts were unconstitutional. The alterations will cost Greece approximately 100 million euros in payouts and 69 million euros per year, regarding an increase in payouts.