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Samaras Denounces PPC Privatization Criticism

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Prime Minister Antonis Samaras deemed criticism of PPC's partial privatization plan as a "bad joke", while in Strasbourg.

Referring to opposing political party's and trade union's disapproval, Samaras stated: "In Greece we are trying to proceed with privatizations that have been done everywhere else in the world and have everywhere paid off". He referenced OTE's privatization as a prime example, that resulted in lower phone rates. He denounced claims that the current administration is trying to sell of anything and everything.

Samaras further commented, "I will on no account allow fanatical populists and those filling the Greek people with false impressions to deprive us of the right to progress. The right to progress passes through privatisations...the state that played at being an investor and destroyed the economy has now died."

The Prime Minister added, "We will not allow the kind of lifestyle conducted at the expense of the Greek people, the lifestyle of trade unionists governing failed state enterprises, to continue".

(Source: http://www.amna.gr/english/articleview.php?id=6427)