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Greece Experiences Stellar Tourism Uprise

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The Greek Tourism Enterprises Association (SETE) released data concerning recent strides in the nation's tourism sector.

In the first half of 2014, international arrivals rose by 17.1%, resulting in 760,000 additional tourists. The organization's target goal is to generate 19 million global arrivals this year, and encompasses road and sea travels, and excludes cruise ships, according to ANA-MPA. SETE has predicted an increase in cruise takers to Greece by 2.2 million passengers.

As reported by SETE, Athens has felt an increase of 400,000 travelers this year, marking a 32.8% uprise. The organization set a target goal for the nation's capital at 750,000 more tourists for 2014. Hellenic airports have also benefitted from a substantial uprise in passengers, with Samos holding a 22.1% increase, Kalamata generating a 58.5% rise, Santorini gaining a 26% surge and Chania with a 24.1% boost, as reported by ANA-MPA.