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Bloomberg News Praises Greece

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Bloomberg news agency has stated that Greece is making strides, concerning the economy, markets and public administration.

The leading news portal referenced the European Commission's Task Force quarterly report on the nation. The document that was released in Brussels yesterday, stated: "Greek public administration has continued significant rationalization of the workforce".

An IMF delegate had claimed in the most current analysis of Greece's economic adjustment program, "adjustment fatigue has set in. This is making it difficult to move forward boldly and swiftly with needed reforms".

Athens University of Economics and Business professor Panos Tsakloglou described, "Despite so much talk to the contrary, the truth is that Greece has implemented lots of reforms", as reported by ANA-MPA.

Tsakloglou served as the nation's representative of leading euro-region Finance Ministry officials until last month. He added, "The starting point was very low, and the full benefit of these reforms will only be seen once the economy starts picking up".

(Source: www.amna.gr)