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Greek Produce Returns from Russian Route

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A large amount of Greek nectarines and peaches destined for Russia, are currently on their way back to the northern region of the country.

Imathia Association of Agricultural Co-Operatives Director Christos Giannakakis described to ANA-MPA today, "Some 70 trucks, each with about 20 tons of capacity, destined for Russia departed from Veria customs office in the last few days...One of them came back two days ago and another two that went only as far as Romania returned yesterday. It is easier for trucks that have not crossed the EU borders to return home".

The Hellenic produce is on its way back to Pella and Imathia. Concerning products that have arrived at the Russian border, Giannakakis stated: "...have been on the road for about 10 days –whatever that may mean for a sensitive product which for a large part of the journey is carried on rather bumpy roads. We expect those trucks to start coming back tomorrow".

This afternoon, northern Greek exporters in Kozani, Imathia, Florina and Pella are set to meet and discuss their plan of action, regarding the comprehensive effects of the Russian embargo. The meeting's findings are scheduled to be presented to Rural Development Minster Giorgos Karasmanis that was planned for tomorrow afternoon, however it has been deferred and has yet to be rescheduled.