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Yanna Darilis

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NANOBIONIC Awarded Business of The Year 2013 in Greece

The 2013 Kouros Award of Sir Stelios Hatzionnou went to the Innovative Greek Company Nanobionic. The CEO George Psipsikas and his brother Managing Director Ermis Psipsikas, accepted the business of the Year Award 2013 and a 50,000 euro check from Stelios Hatzioannou at the Athens Intercontinental last night which closed the evening with a standing ovation.

Religious Tourism in Greece (Photos and Videos)

Religious Tourism in Greece
By: Yanna Darilis

There are so many reasons to visit Greece, however, other than the ancient sites and cultural history, the amazing site seeing of nature, the beaches and the lifestyle, there is a special tourism attraction, the Christian religion. Greece was one of the first cradles of Christianity and the prevailing religion in Greece is the Orthodox Christian faith. As part of the Byzantine Empire, Greece established Christianity as the country's official religion in 380 AD. It is closely tied to the nation's identity due to the large contribution in the preservation of the Greek language, literature and arts during the Ottoman Empire. This resulted to a very rich religious tradition, with an impressive variety of local customs in major celebrations that add even more spirituality, mystery and meaning.

Fall - Winter Fashion 2013

By Yanna Darilis

This year's fashion trend will remind you of the 50's and 90's. The 50s was a very feminine era and the 90s a re-introduction to the 50s with wild sexy twists and once again designers are re-inspired by these feminine sexy times in 2013.

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