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The Assymetrical Threat Against Christians in the New Era - By Father Ignatios Stavropoulos

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The Church, as a community of believers, it is a real fact, acceptable theologically, spiritually, and socially. For the legal world, however, and in the known established frameworks, is a secular-legal entity that is striving to govern with legitimacy and holds secular public authority, issues certificates etc. These two real and simultaneously inconsistent statuses. Here starts the existential problem. Will the verily alleged institutional downfall and secularisation of the State Church be succeeded by something else, something spiritual, in today's society of believers?


It has long been pointed out that the European continent has now passed into a post-Christian era. Already, the traditional model of Christian ethical-religious instruction and religious education in public schools has been abolished. The traditional Christian religious families are dwindling. The world is not actively religious as in the past. Human society in large cities, with their non-Christian immigrants, Muslims, non-believers and atheists, becomes multireligious and multicultural. The absolute power of religious-church leaders is eventually lost, and new balances try to prevail between the rulers and representatives of political parties and religious leaders.

In post-Christian Europe, faith was gradually transformed into a form of 'culture' and a pervading atmosphere, passing through other routes now, beyond traditional theology and the institutionalised Church See ( http://e-theologia.blogspot.gr/2010/11/blog-post_6541.html)

In Greece, things do not seem to be very different. If we look at socio-political life, we will see that, even in small provincial towns, for example, city hall weddings are preferred over religious Christian ones. A few decades ago, this would have been impossible on such a large scale. Furthermore, young people are no longer scared of cohabitation as couples and the divesting of religion from their common life when starting their family. In general, church ceremonies and rituals are no longer a panacea for all, and traditional church rites of passage, such as marriage, baptism, church attendance, confession, etc., are no longer the alpha and omega for many believers. Now everyone selectively and freely chooses, based on their personal judgement, what they do, how they worship and how they believe in God. People have ceased to trust the state-appointed "ecclesiastical leader", who they often consider as part of the corrupt state mechanism.

There emerges a risk that the "new atheists" will prevail in everyday life, de facto, as a way of life that leads to divesting society of church and religion. Faced with such a reality, there hardly seem to be any modern clerics who can withstand the pressure and have the spiritual and psychological strength, and faith, to inspire and to gather the world and young people around them.

Another incomprehensible problem is that of the increasing disciplinary prosecutions of those high up in the traditional structures of the church, the parishes, monasteries, social action stakeholders etc. The "leadership", in the form of the "administrative church", now operates as a source of "ecclesiastical" institutional authority, usually of the state, against those who have achieved popular acceptance and produce spiritual or social work that awakens and disturbs... the religious authority, the "prevailing religion" (!).

Today's Christians seem to be completely lost within the general crisis of values, and cannot interpret what is happening around them and within the bosom of the "church" individually, because there is no longer a single Church, but many, with conflicting, mainly material, interests! Nor can Christians solve the great problem that most of their churches are emptied of youth, and the church funds are in the red.

The renewal of the clergy today is a very serious issue, and the immerse power of archbishops, another serious and unsolved issue, is alienating the clergy and laity from the administrative church of the "senior clergy", which degenerated into a completely secularised public government agency, open to those who wish to hoard wealth for their "old age", ignoring their "neighbour".

Which is ultimately the enemy? Is there one? What is it that is ultimately destroying Christianity? Why are people distanced from the church? Who is not playing his role as a leader correctly? Where is the threat? Can it be managed?

Once, the enemies of Christianity threw Christians to the beasts, imprisoned them, tortured and killed them in a variety of ways. They considered them illegal. Such conventional persecutions are repeated around us today, as, for example, in the war in Syria, and elsewhere where Christians are persecuted. There, the enemies are visible. With guns, with violence, blood and death.

Today, what is happening in Greece? How close to Christians are their persecutors? How and who threatens them, and how are they trying to destroy the traditional orthodox Helladic society? Can something stop them? Once, they taught the innocent public that the greatest danger is "communism" (!), which destroys faith and thus a "good Christian" should necessarily be "anti-communist" or at least "right-leaning". But when the supposedly good "rightists" came to political power, the big lie was revealed. They gradually and methodically destroyed all traditional values that may have existed. While they were the first to appear in processions and festivals, to gather votes, hidden in their offices, in full political "cooperation" and betrayal, using their own system, taking advantage of the power of archbishops and the state, they would leave nothing standing. A similar method for the penetration of "traitors" in decision-making positions was followed in many places, where decisions to fully control the game of the absolute subordination of Christian citizens were taken.

How "asymmetrical" can this secret war currently carried out against Christians here be considered? Against the clerics? Against the monasteries? Against the parishes? Against any organised religious groups, associations, institutions, actions, that their system is easy to term "marginal" to discredit any resistance?

The modern term "asymmetric threat" has been established recently, mainly by military analysts, when talking about wars. An effort is made to test the various defence systems and special security measures for citizens as best as possible.

These analysts are usually highly paid by governments, and supposedly make a serious effort for the common good of all of us, so that we, the mere mortals, can "sleep quietly".

But what of the "asymmetric threat" - assuming that this exists - against Christians? What happens when the institutional "church" secretly militates against the church community? What defences can we have and who will study the ways of survival of traditionally and institutionally organised structures in today's orthodoxy? Put simply, how will Christians survive? Can they? When it takes place at the level of breaking down all values, this asymmetric warfare chosen by societies for themselves, becomes even more dangerous, with the most disastrous results. The enemies gain validation and authority, and join forces to achieve their destructive role.
Only a great miracle can stop them... But if this miracle does not come, what will happen?

"Asymmetric warfare" of this kind is usually performed by organised non-conventional groups with hidden interests, which have very specific targets. As their instruments, they use money, the corruption of consciences, the mass media, and do not stop at any obstacle.
These groups draw on the destruction of the law of the state, the church, the holy canons, the sacred tradition etc. They act arbitrarily within leadership circles, mutually extort candidates before promoting them to power, and of course are sworn to silence and participation in the common "crime".
A key objective is to bend the resolve of struggling, thinking Christians, who are now only needed for their financial resources, which can be exploited financially.
Modern globalisation with its methods and asymmetric warfare, the modern form of persecution against Christians and those who are literally fighting for ordinary citizens, is now a "Trojan Horse" against Christians. The "church" itself mercilessly beats and betrays Christians to stand itself in power.
The American scholar William J. Hartman aptly states that "...asymmetrical attacks seek to have a major psychological impact, an attack on one's will and ability to act or freedom of action", (Source: Globalization and Asymmetrical Warfare).
Is that where the final battle will ultimately take place? On whether Christian fighters will appropriately handle the fear that the betraying religious authority is trying to create, before it destroys everything they hold dear and holy with the simple signature of a "senior official"?
Just imagine a secret agreement between the state and the church of Greece, leading to the signature of a Presidential Decree at some point, which, due to the economic crisis, would decide: Sole Article: the "church is closed"! What happens then? Christian citizens, are you listening?