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Gavras to Make Film on Golden Dawn's Rise

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas has inspired internationally acclaimed Greek director Costas Gavras to make a film.

Costas Gavras is seeking for the angle from which to approach a film about the current situation in Greece, political developments, and the rise of Golden Dawn.

In an interview to Greek Reporter media, Gavras was also asked to compare the murder of Grigoris Lambrakis (left wing mp murdered in the early sixties) with that of Pavlos Fyssas, answering that there were differences, but what is important is not to compare, but to understand why such phenomena happen and how we can change the situation.

The director of the award winning "Z" noted that it was important to make films about the current political reality of Greece, both documentaries, and fiction.

Mr. Gavras expressed the opinion that Golden Dawn members are barbarians, and such barbarians exist in all countries.