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"Playing with Fire" Documentary Released

A documentary film by Annetta Papathanasiou about the lives of courageous female Afghan actors who fight everyday for the right to express themselves through art, has been released.


From September 4th to 10th, Danaos Cinema will be presenting "Playing with Fire", a documentary film by Annetta Papathanasiou about the lives of female Afghan artists.

"Playing With Fire" focuses on the everyday lives and experiences of female artists in Afghanistan who are involved in theatre arts and brings to the fore the struggle to exist as an artist within the tight restrictions of the Afghan society as it was transformed after years of Taliban rule.

Young women who come face to face with harsh criticism, social disapproval and even threats against themselves and their families, forcing many to leave the country in order to continue their art. Those who stay risk being persecuted or even killed, as recently happened to a young actress in Kabul.

Anneta Papathanassiou, an actress and director from Greece, had the opportunity to visit Kabul and teach ancient Greek theatre to young actors. While there she recorded the lives of Afghan artists and made a powerful documentary revealing the everyday struggle to be creative.