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Greek Short at Cinerockom Film Festival

The short film "Gone with the Sea", by Marios Iordanou, will be the first Greek production to be officially screened at the Cinerockom International Film Festival.

The film will be shown at the London Greek Film Festival on 12 October, before traveling to the US for the Cinerockom International Film Festival, held in Malibu, 17-19 October.

The film is a low budget production that was distributed and shown in Greek theaters, something rare for a short film.

The film was completed in the spring 2013 and has garnered excellent critiques .

Marios Iordanou directed the film and wrote the music. The script was co-written by Marios Iordanou and Sofia Karadjan, who also star in the film.

The film is about a lonely artist, whose paintings show the dark side of life, while he feels disappointed by human beings, going to the sea with he starts conversing.

This odd dialogue will help him discover that when the eyes of the soul are open, even if we feel alone, and all hope seems los, something may happen.... someone may appear...