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Jennifer Aniston Describes "Liberating" Role

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In her latest role as Claire in the upcoming film Cake, Jennifer Aniston wasn't required to wear a ton of makeup.

The popular Greek-American actress described the experience, "It was so fabulous, and so dreamy and so empowering and liberating," during a Q&A for Deadline's The Contenders series held at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles. Filming for the indie film, which is already gaining a lot of attention, only required Aniston to wear makeup when artists, "put scars on my face".

The 45-year-old Greek-American actress whose family hails from Crete, was added as a surprise guest at the Deadline panel and was accompanied by Cake's director and screenwriter Daniel Barnz and Patrick Tobin, respectively. She stated of the movie, "It's our little love project...When I read the script, I was ready to disappear."

The Hellenic Hollywood actress received an extreme makeover for her upcoming role in Cake and stars as a grieving mother who is enduring extreme back pain, as a result of a fatal car accident. The 45-year-old entertainer was seen with a dominant facial scar on her right cheek, dark hair and baggy attire on the movie set. It's a different look for the spunky fresh faced and blond leading lady.

Cake costars Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick and Chris Messina. According to a press release, the Greek-American plays, "...the acerbic, hilarious Claire Simmons, a woman who becomes fascinated by the suicide of Nina, a woman in her chronic pain support class. As she uncovers the details of Nina's suicide and develops a poignant relationship with Nina's husband, Claire also grapples with her own very raw personal tragedy."