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Teatro Due dedicates month to Greece, Ritsos

"In a month dedicated to Greece but also to one of the major poets, Yiannis Ritsos proceeds Teatro Due by staging a series of works from the 'Fourth Dimension'," wrote Italian newspaper Repubblica in an extensive tribute.

Teatro Due is one of the most historic theaters in Parma and one of the largest in Italy, with regard to artistic effect on the public. It has its roots in the 1970s, when a group of artists and scholars proceeded in founding and establishing one of the most important festivals in Italy, the Festival of Parma. Since the 1980s it has taken, in a way, and a public character, similar to that of the National Theatre of Northern Greece, partly funded by the city of Parma, the first case in Italy, where the theater is a partnership between the private and the public sector.

In 1983, the then Ministry of Tourism and Recreation recognized Teatro Due as a permanent theatrical production, which has a "public purpose and private responsibility." Since 2000, the management of assets was entrusted to the Teatro Due Foundation (Fondazione Teatro Due), something similar to private law government agencies.
As mentioned in the Italian newspaper, citing excerpts of the note
by director Walter Le Moli, the largest theater in the province of Emilia Romagna proceeds to "a tribute through poetry evoking powerful images and extracts of a thought that we need to repeat 'in a silence that bends above us like a bubble.'"
The n
ewspaper then makes extensive reference to works that will be presented, starting from mid-November until the end of December. Ajax will be played by Rafale Esposito, Phaedra by Bruna Rossi, Agamemnon by Emanuele Vetzoli, Persephone by Paola De Crescenzi, Orestes by Massimiliano Smparsi and the guide to Delgous by Nani Tormsen.
"These works," writes
the Italian newspaper, "is the first references to move into the world of mythology and the look in modern life."

Furthermore, the site of Teatro Due has an extensive dedicatio to the life and work of Yiannis Ritsos, and even an older video where the poet speaks.