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Brangelina looking to buy Greek islet

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to make their second major investment in Europe in Greece, according to some publications.


Having bought a vast expanse of vineyards and a beautiful house in the south of France, where they held their wedding last August, the Hollywood star couple, has their eye on an island in Greece being sold for 4.2 million euros, according to foreign media.

This 43-acre island that Gaia is part of the Echinades group, in the Ionian Sea.

A source close to the couple spoke to US magazine OK! The source said Angelina Jolie fell in love with the Greek island, adding that Gaia will need ... work, but the couple has no problem to just build the house of their dreams. "That's where their six children are free to play without worrying about paparazzi," he concluded.

Privateislands.com describes Gaia as an idyllic paradise, surrounded by the calm, crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, which, as noted, are not prone to northeastern winds making the area excellent for water sports, sailing, fishing, diving and swimming