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Art for Amnesty

Violence, poverty, and human rights are subjects of an artistic debate among students of the School of Fine Arts participating in the exhibition entitled “Art for Amnesty.”


The exhibition is being organized by Amnesty International and the School of Fine Arts at the “CAMP!” art gallery on Kotzia square.

Using the NGO's campaigns as the basis for inspiration, 37 students present 55 works highlighting crucial human rights issues such as the rights of Roma, women, and gays, illegal migration, poverty, or even conscientious objectors.

The exhibition features paintings, collages, reliefs, and prints, that “approach the subjects descriptively, or insinuatively, or at other times abstractly, or symbolically,” as professor at the School of Fine Arts and exhibition curator Aggelos Antonopoulos notes.

“Art for Amnesty” is an international organization in which Amnesty International collaborates with artists in order to promote human rights through culture. It is the first time that the organization undertakes a project in Greece.

Any proceeds from the works will go to supporting the NGO, as well as the work of the students. Twelve of the works have been chosen to be featured in a calendar for 2014 to reinforce the work of Amnesty International.

The exhibition will open tomorrow at 19.00 pm and will remain open until Sunday 8 December. Entrance is free.