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Menelaos Kanakis - “Reflections of Life”

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Born and raised in Athens, my affinity for the magic and the endlessness of the human soul led me to pursue my degree in Social Work at the Technological Institute of Athens as well as my BA in Psychology at the Panteion University. Meeting Dimitris Karagiannis, psychotherapist and a life mentor, was a milestone that filled my life with music. Today we work together at the Therapeutic and Training Institute 'Antistixi'.

I have also gained significant life experience through my work at the Hellenic Red Cross Social Welfare Division, part of the International Federation of the Red Cross, where I am occupied as Psychosocial Support Programs Coordinator.

For me music is born where love and passion unite and I musically express myself by playing keyboards and guitar. When the abundance of human emotion and the sheer reality of all that is truly human transform into music, all -and perhaps even more- can be expressed without a single word being uttered. Music is everything around us and within us; a single heartbeat, the rustling of leaves in the trees or the crushing of waves beneath a full moon. It is the sum of all those precious moments alternating between melody and tune that make up the repertoire of our existence.

On February 26th, 2018, FM Records released my second digital Album: "Reflections of Life" including 14 instrumental compositions.

The "Reflections Of Life" is the music capture of the different aspects and expressions of life. It is a music journey with emotions and experiences which are expressed by music. Each track is mostly a part of soul and emotion evolved step by step during the process of orchestration.

The "Reflections Of Life" Tracklist :
1. As Long as There is Love
2. Memories
3. First Time Last Chance
4. One More Dance
5. Black Swan
6. Tell Me
7. Lovers Nights
8. Those Moments
9. Reflections of Life
10. Summer Moon Ballad
11. When You Fall in Love
12. Time is Flying
13. Waves ( RMX )
14. Thalassa

Composition /Orchestration: Menelaos Kanakis
Photo editing: Vassilis Boutzonas
Cover editing: Vassilis Boutzonas
Audio editing / Mastering : Vassilis Boutzonas
Cover Photo : Menelaos Kanakis

I would describe them in these words :
Music compositions made with love inspired by love such as : "As long as there is love".
Full of memories or with the aim to be connected with memories such as : "Memories".
Since we only live once but this is our first time and also our last chance not to waste our lives : "First Time Last Chance".
Wishing we live our life in a way that we wouldn't like it to come to an end, realising that although there is not constant and continuous happiness, we are abe to desire until the final moment : "One More Dance".
That's because beauty lies in rarity but for this rarity beauty is worthwhile : "Black Swan"
That's also because relationship is part of beauty, as it is a way to express and share, all those things we want to say, all those things it's worth listening to : "Tell Me"
The highlight of relating pours out in the love affair and togetherness : "Lovers Nights"
So as not to live for the moments but to live the moments : "Those Moments".
So as to feel the essence not just the content of life : "Reflections Of Life"
It's like summer nights with a full moon that our soul travels around with the reflection of the moon on the ridge of the sea : "Summer Moon Ballad"
It's like when you fall in love with life itself and defend the right of existing with love : "When You Fall In Love"
Since time flows like water we can and deserve not to waste it : "Time Is Flying"
Even if life looks like the sea which is sometimes friendly, tender and peaceful and some other times we need to fight against its waves so as not to lose our way : "Waves"
However, what can take us on trips and embrace our eyes and soul more than the sea : "Thalassa"

The "Reflections Of Life" is dedicated to life itself, with gratitude for all the good as well as the negative aspects of it. To life which has its own unique ways to make us more mature and wealthy through the challenges even if we do not realize it in advance.
It is dedicated to my beloved ones, as well as the people who marked my route making it both easier or more difficult because in every aspect they give me the opportunity to become better and more human.
It is mainly dedicated to my wife Anna who is the sweetest melody in my life since a part of hers can be found in each one of my compositions, and also shares my huge love for music.

My first digital Album was released by FM Records in May 2016 including 14 instrumental compositions entitled "Moments" by Menelaos.
In 2017 the track "Waves" was included alongside other compositions by famous Greek musicians (Mikis Theodorakis, Mimis Plessas,Evaggelos Boudounis,Michalis Koumpios etc) in the anniversary Album released by FM Records in the frame of the celebration of its 30th Birthday with a compilation of 30 instrumental tracks.
Compositions of mine are also included in the albums released by FM Records with compilations of instrumental tracks:
(2018) Greek Breakfast http://fmrecords.net/greek-breakfast/
(2017) 30 Years FM Records http://fmrecords.net/30-years-of-fm-records/
(2016) Tours of Athens http://fmrecords.net/tours-of-athens/
(2016) Aegean Lounge Experience http://fmrecords.net/aegean-lounge-experience/
(2016) Cocktail Lounge Aegean Island http://fmrecords.net/cocktail-lounge-aegean-island/

My music can be found on my personal website www.kanakismenelaos.com, on my Facebook page, on the website of FM RECORDS as well as on the following music platforms : 24/7 Entertainment GmbH * 7 Digital * AGEDI * Altacom * Amazon Digital Services Inc. * Anghami * Audible Magic *AWA * BMAT * BuzzAngle * CJ DIGITAL MUSIC * Deezer *Dixero *eMusic * Facebook Audio ID * Fizy * Flipagram * Google Music * Gracenote * iHeartRadio *InternetQ SA* dba Akazoo * iTunes/Apple *KKBOX *Library Ideas * Freegal *Line * LOEN *MediaNet *Mondia Media *Napster *Neurotic Media *NMusic * Omnifone * Pandora *PCM Technologies * Phononet * Qobuz * Rdio* Red Touch Media * Reliance Jio * Saavn * Shazam * Simfy Africa * SiriusXM * Slacker * SoundCloud Fingerprinting *SoundCloud Go Subscription * SoundExchange * Spotify * Taihe Music Group * Telecom Italia S.p.A *Tencent *TIDAL * UMA * Vervelife * Xbox Music * Yandex LLC * Yonder *YouTube *YouTube Art Tracks *Zed Russia.