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Tora Collective performs at Little Epidaurus Theatre June 25th and 26th

Featured Tora Collective performs at Little Epidaurus Theatre  June 25th and 26th

Tora Collective is an ambitious project and experiment conceived by world renowned Jazz bassist, Petros Klampanis. The group revisits Greek traditional music and presents it to the world from a fresh perspective.

Music from the Aegean, Epirus, the Ionian Islands and Crete combines with musicians from around the world with different traditions and backgrounds.

Tora Collective brings together New York musicians - the jazz capital of the world - and Greek musicians, to inspire them to use traditional Greek music to discover a common new voice.

It is an experiment that bridges different worlds: east and west, traditional and modern, using the power of music to bring these diverse elements together. Tora Collective is about a new perspective for Greece which celebrates the bicentennial of its War of Independence

Petroloukas Chalkias: Clarinet

Areti Ketime: Vocals

Petros Klampanis Bass and Artistic Direction

Thomas Konstantinou: Oud and Vocals

Kristjan Randalu: Piano

Ziv Ravitz: Drums

The Little Theater of Epidaurus was constructed in the 4th century BCE and dedicated to the god Dionysus. It was discovered under a field of olive trees and excavated in the 1970’s. It has been restored and now seats 800 spectators. It is part of the annual Athens Epidaurus Festival.