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"Reflection" by Andreas Kontellis in the Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra

Featured "Reflection" by Andreas Kontellis in the Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra

On April 30, the opening of the painting exhibition of Andreas Kontellis in Hydra entitled "Reflection" will take place, which will be hosted at the Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra.

Andreas Kontellis is one of the most important painters of his generation with studies at Athens School of Fine Arts, postgraduate studies in London and scholarships. He has gone through a recognizable course with over 20 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 60 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Contellis's work actually captures the soul of the artist. Guided by his personal sensitivity and with a strong disposition to harmoniously unite history and art, he traces between the two and unites them with a wonderful artistic expression, "writing" with his Reflection his own history in the Museum of Hydra.

Art historian Louiza Karapidaki writes about the last section of his works "Reflection": "Images of Hydra and Symbols of the Struggle compose the painter's artistic narrative, after a deep reflection on the basic concepts of resistance and freedom.

The beloved Place, Hydra, with its rocky and inaccessible appearance, converses with the fragments of the memory of the Struggle, the symbols and the forms, in the expressionist writing compositions of the artist.

His works, mainly large oils on canvas, are intertwined in the narrative fabric of the exhibition along with drawings on paper, where forms of rebellion have been rendered by modern figures.

Exhibition curator: Louiza Karapidaki, Art Historian

Exhibition duration: April 30 to May 29, 2022