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When Antonis Remos met Rita Wilson

Featured When Antonis Remos met Rita Wilson

Well known singer Antonis Remos gave a concert in a well-known club in Ios on Saturday night 24/7.

The well-known singer performed his great hits and was applauded by the audience that had come to hear him.

Among the audience was Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, to whom Antonis Remos even dedicated a song. The artist sang 'Rita, Ritaki' to her, with the famous actress smiling and enjoying it.

The two shared a photo opportunity which the later posted on his Instagram account.

“Very nice to meet you Rita Wilson” – captioned Remos the photo,  to which Wilson replied:

“Very nice to finally meet you in person!!! Thank you for the most spectacular show, all of your passion and musicianship. You make us feel your music. And, thanks to Yvonne for being such a beauty and a light.”

Rita Wilson, of Greek origin, loves Greece and never misses an opportunity to visit our country. In fact, her famous husband, Tom Hanks, has also officially become... Greek a few years ago.