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Moments Art Exhibition by Mina Balali

Featured Moments Art Exhibition by Mina Balali

New Greek TV article: Arts & Culture Greece

Moments by Mina Balali
Abstract & Impressionist Exhibition - Rhodes, Greece
January 19, 2023. 11am-3pm

 Rhodes is one of the most visited islands of Greece, and one of the most cosmopolitan vacation destinations. Rhodes offers a significant vast history with the Castle of the Order of St.John’s Knights, one of the most well-preserved UNESCO castles in Europe, which promises romantic strolls on the medieval cobblestone streets of the old town that is surrounded by quaint shops, art exhibits, cafés and restaurants.


The people of Rhodes are very educated, well-travelled, and great artists. One of these talented artists is Mina Balali, who graduated with a Fine Arts Degree. After her first exhibit “Thallasa,” in Glasgow, Scotland, Mina returned back to her homeland Rhodes, to show case her latest work at her exhibit “Moments”.

New Greek TV Caught up with Mina Balali to learn more about “Moments”;

New Greek: Tell us about the Title of your exhibit:

Mina Balali: The title is based on my belief that it only takes one moment to ignite inspiration in an artist. Whether it be the sounds in the air, the surrounding music, the clouds, or the color of the sea, all these moments are captured on artists canvases as the artists perceive them. I chose to express my feelings through a modern abstract style, using acrylic paint, to send a message that we cannot take life for granted, and that life is beautiful, filled with happy, intense, passionate and dynamic colors that surround us. 

New Greek: What was the inspiration behind your new Exhibit?

Mina Balali: After a summer journey to the beautiful island of Kos with my son Nick, I was waking up every morning admiring the beautiful palm trees along the boardwalk and the backdrop of the sun & sea, and that gave me inspiration to begin painting abstract themes once again! The result was my work I named ' Palms'. 

New Greek: Tell us about the historical location you chose.

Mina Balali: I chose the De Milly Armory Warehouse near the old town of Rhodes, because there is a kind of medieval mysterious atmosphere about that space, which was also another source of my inspiration while I enjoyed walking around there during the wintertime. 

New Greek: Tell us about the Theme?

The theme of art that I am showing is mostly abstract and impressionism and my first pop art theme. 

New Greek: What are some suggestions you would tell people looking to purchase art?

Mina Balali: I would tell them don’t hesitate to try something unconventional.

New Greek: Why is it important to have artwork in one’s spaces?

Mina Balali: It is important to have artwork in a space because vivid colors increase ones optimism and positivity. It also allows and sets one' s imagination free!

New Greek: What do Greeks have to offer in terms of Artwork?

Mina Balali: Greece has the ideal combination of history, mountains, sea and the unique light for an artist to get inspired by all the imaginable colors of the spectrum. 

Mina Balali, Artist

Photos courtesy of Mina Balali