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Cannes Film Festival Selects "Xenia"

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"Xenia" directed by Panos Koutras, will premier at the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Officials chose the Greek film to be screened under the "Un Certain Regard" sector of the Festival. The movie marks Koutras' fourth full feature film.

"Xenia" is produced by Wrong Men and 100% Synthetic Films SA, in addition to Greek and French producers, with the involvement of three French organizations. Feelgood Entertainment will distribute the feature in Greece.

The movie centers on two teen brothers who travel to find their Greek father, after their Albanian mother passes away. Their crusade takes them from Crete to Thessaloniki and the siblings are challenged with reality, youth and recognition issues.

Panos Koutras commented on his film's Cannel Film Festival selection, "...a happy moment in its long and difficult production, which, like the film's heroes, came face to face with a tough reality and the inherent difficulties of a co-production...I hope that this amazing event, which gives us great joy, provides the beginning of the end of all of the film's difficulties". "Xenia" will initially open to the public in France on June 18th, by Pyramide Distribution.