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Greek Soap Opera Features Ellen!

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Yesterday's Ellen episode featured the internationally acclaimed talk show host on the popular Greek soap opera Brousko!

Ellen DeGeneres offered to spin the wheel on-air, and allowed a fan's random clip to play on her show. Ellen and Brousko fan Maria from Florida, sent in the Hellenic segment, that included the popular comedian.

The Brousko series revealed Ellen's senior high school photo, as the image of the long lost love of a powerful vineyard owner. The older man stares into the black and white picture of Ellen, as he sits on his couch and contemplates.

Ellen states that the image is indeed her real high school senior portrait and she questions, why of all pictures of her, did they use that one? Ellen funnily described her presence on the Greek film soap opera and described her current haircut as a: "Greek tragedy". A clip of Ellen discussing her Brousko stint can be viewed below.