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"Cretans of New York" Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

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The short film Cretans of New York that reveals the perpetration of Cretan traditions by its youth in New York, has launched its kickstarter campaign!

The documentary centers around Alexandros Koundourakis' theme of unity, stated on the kickstarter website, "Alexandros thought to himself, people of Greece, and not only, need to know about this! They need to know about the pride their fellow Cretans of New York have for their island, their heritage, their identity". He then decided to write his story into a musical documentary.

The nonprofit project has 28 days more to go, with an $5,000 donation goal. The movie's goal is to preserve and pass on the melodies of Crete to future generations. The campaign officially launched yesterday and ends on July 10th.

The contributed money goes towards the recording and distribution of the movie's music. For more information about Cretans of New York, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/akoundourakis/cretans-of-new-york & http://www.facebook.com/CretansOfNewYork.