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Cypriot Vessel Responsible For Vancouver Oil Spill

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A Cypriot cargo vessel is responsible for an oil spillage in Vancouver, Canada.

The oil spill occurred in the English Bay by the MV Marathassa ship. It has been reported that the ship's owners must pay for the damages. As Canadian Coast Guard Assistant Commissioner Roger Girouard stated, "We now have a responsible party, and that changes the context of the fiscal liabilities and the claims process that so many of our partners working this scenario are interested in," according to News 1130.

The Canadian Coast Guard has called on the vessel's owners to pay professional cleaners to rectify the situation. Girouard described that there are two reasons for this, ""Safety of the individuals...But also the challenge of getting of the waste product. You can't throw chem wipes or paper towels with black product into your dumpster. That's why we'd like to keep it to the professionals."